Introducing G’Player and Example Files

G'Player G'Audio Lab Renderer

If you still have questions about the rendering quality of the Sol SDK, why don’t you hear it for yourself? We built the local playback app called G’Player which you can download from the Oculus Store. Through this G’Player, so you will get an idea of how your own rendering player or standalone app will sound like, once Sol is integrated in it.

If you need some sample video files to play in G’Player, we’ve got your back. Download this zipped file, which consists of video, gao and image files you can experiment with.
This is strictly for trial purposes.

To play 360 video content, create an account, download G’Player from the website and follow the instructions. You will need to copy your content into ‘SolPlayer’ folder by connecting the android device.

For your information, please visit the sol page and read more information about G’Player.


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