Works is more powerful than ever!

Today, we released the upgraded version of our signature spatial audio solution, Works, available on our website. (The website itself has also been revamped!) Since its launch in early 2017, Works has empowered filmmakers and sound engineering professionals to replicate real-life listening mechanisms in virtual reality. With this new upgrade, Works will provide an even more intuitive workflow for users.

Works is still seamlessly added to Pro Tools as an AAX plugin. It allows creators to accurately place object sounds in a virtual environment. Each sound source can be given specific positional metadata, which then goes through a process called binaural rendering. When content created using Works is played on an HMD, sound objects change according to the users’ interactions. What they see is synchronized with what they hear. This enables true immersion.

Works continues to support the simultaneous use of three different kinds of audio signals — object (mono), channel, and Ambisonics. The combination of audio signals enables new levels of freedom and intuition for creators to deliver the most realistic sounds possible. Works also adds some powerful new features including a built-in volume fader, lock positioning, and timbre preservation to prevent phasing issues. Another important update is the ability to toggle the monitoring audio format. This side by side comparison lets the creators hear the difference in sound quality between Ambisonics and GA5 while working on a project. GA5, previously called GAO, is G’Audio’s proprietary format known to deliver a superior sense of sound quality and localization.

How to use Works

There are many useful functions that can be explored in this new version of Works, so be sure to download the latest version of Works from our website!

A new set of tutorial videos will be available soon, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook or newsletter! Until then, please refer to the user manual.

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