G’Audio Lab is nominated for the 2017 SPIFFY Awards

The SPIFFY Awards annually recognizes communications startups for their innovation, opportunity and promise. For its 10th year, the Telecom Council has nominated a total of 35 companies out of nearly 200 startups that presented in 2017. There are seven awards categories and five nominations for each category: The Ground Breaker Award for Engineering Excellence, The Graham Bell Award for Best Communication Solutions, The Edison Award for Most Innovative Start-Up, The San Andreas Award for Most Disruptive Technology, The Core Award for Best Fixed Telecom Opportunity, The Zephyr Award for Best Mobile Opportunity, and The Prodigy Award for the Most Successful SPIF Alumni.

SPIFFY Awards 2017
At the SPIFFYs, Service Providers recognize the year’s best communications startups.

G’Audio Lab is nominated for the Ground Breaker Award for Engineering Excellence, alongside four other companies that have invested in R&D and have made notable progress in the field. The winner for the Ground Breaker Award for Engineering Excellence will be selected based on each company’s technological advancements. Each of the 168 SPIF members will pick one winner based on the most votes.

“G’Audio has clearly impressed Telecom Council’s Service Provider members with their innovation and technology implementation,” said Liz Kerton, President of the Telecom Council. “And given that they review 100s up young companies each year with the purpose of finding new technologies to integrate, it is not easy to impress this group of tech scouts.”

Our story goes back to March of this year, when CEO Henney Oh presented at the ComTech Forum. That meeting on VR and AR gave us the chance to introduce our binaural rendering technology thats creates a true sense of “being there”.

The winners of the SPIFFY Awards will be announced during TC3: Telecom Council Carrier Connections Summit on Wednesday, November 1 from 5-7 p.m. The awards ceremony is open to the public at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View and you can register here.

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