Interactive 3D Audio Technology Recognized at VR Awards 2017

As a VR audio company, we had to explain ourselves better than by simply saying we “help create and deliver audio experiences that are best suited for VR content.” We have been dedicated to illustrating how VR audio is different from 3D audio with true height information, how the industry is in need of the first end-to-end audio solutions, and most importantly, how interactive 3D audio, or spatial audio, is going to make VR more believable and take everyone’s experience to another level.

This past October 9 in London, our efforts in providing an excellent sound experience beyond surround sound has paid off. The core binaural rendering technology we have, which reproduces three dimensional sound with only stereo channel for headphones in the most realistic and efficient way, has been proudly recognized. The digital audio workstation plugin Works’ screenshot was displayed during the award win announcement for the Innovative VR Company of the Year.

VR Awards 2017 winners
Winners of the VR Awards 2017

Our strategies and business practices are driven by our superior technology. Every move we’ve made was the first in the industry, so our journey has not been as easy as writing the application. We optimized the binaural rendering algorithms adopted by MPEG-H 3D Audio to fit into the commercial product that can be useful and effective in the field. We provided the GUI-based edit-as-you-watch workflow within Pro Tools, which did not exist in  the most widely used digital audio workstation tool for creative professionals. Our approach is entirely software-driven, unlike companies who are trying to create 3D sound with hardware solutions. We even had to create our own audio format after investigating the factors that create both interactive and immersive sound. We believe every step we made in the past was to bring the VR experience full-circle, and to prove the potential of how far sound can go with this medium. So yes, we paved the way and lead by example through first-to-market developments and  are very pleased to accept the award.

Director of Business development G'Audio Lab
Brooklyn Earick, Director of Business Development collecting the award

In addition to being an innovative thought leader, placing focus on company culture and policies with sustainability were other criteria in the category. We thought that VR audio is still an unfamiliar area for many, so we held many workshops and speaking events to enlighten professional sound designers. Those who have been in the audio industry for a long time are novices to VR projects since it is a new technology. We recorded and shared our workshops online so that anyone who wants to enter this new and competitive field can learn from our expertise and leverage it.

Furthermore, Works is provided at no cost so that any creative professional has access to a fully-featured program regardless of their level of resources. The fact that the creation tool is provided for free and we rather monetize from the rendering system assures that more content is created This becomes the virtuous cycle to growing the VR industry.

G'audio Lab award winner
G’Audio Lab empowers creators and publishers to reproduce lifelike sounds

We will be at the forefront of creating audio solutions that provide truly lifelike experiences for VR and beyond. We will continue to work hard to prove sound amplifies emotions and adds realistic depth. We are beyond excited for what lies ahead! We would also like to congratulate all of the other category winners: ITI Crane Simulator, LiveLike, ImmersiCare, Ghostbusters: Dimension, Allumette, Touch, IKEA VR, Daydream View, Tilt Brush, Rift, and Raw Data, as well as all the nominees of the evening. Together, we are all greatly impacting and advancing the industry!

2017 VR awards winner

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